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Broken, Beaten, but Not GIVING UP!  Lily, picture above, 22 lbs, zero body fat, has been sleeping outside in a cement run. No dog house. No shelter. In freezing temps. She is at least 15 lbs underweight. Same thing for Kyle. Yesterday was the first time in a long time they've been warm and well fed. And that's not all. ARI took a total of six dogs from Pets without Parents. The conditions horrified the toughest rescuers. And we still have Jonah (broken leg brindle, hit by car, Cleveland TN), Harris (almost drowned in river, broken foot, Campbell County), Emma the Allergy Magnet, and now six dogs from Pets Without Parents in Sevierville TN are safe at The Waystation. Lily, the little hound picture, weighs 22 lbs. Should be around 35-40.  Kyle, also in the pictures, same thing. Both running temps of 103.5, coughing, so malnourished that their survival was in doubt.  Because Jonah and Harris are in splints that they are destroying regularly, they are boarding at the vet at $12/day. Lily was so badly emaciated we were afraid to start refeeding without vet supervision. Yesterday, she had a complete blood panel (values consistent with starvation, elevated WBC) and was placed in Isolation at the vet. She is finally eating. Kyle, who is staying here, is also on antibiotics as well. Jonah and Harris are both running $12/day at the vet, and they will be there for about five weeks total. That's $720 for a month. They're getting bandage changes twice a week. Lily is in Iso -- $40/day -- and had $220 worth of vetting yesterday.  She'll be released on Monday to go to her rescue probably. Another $160 for boarding, for a total of $380. And sweet Emma's meds are running $190/month while we get her stabilized.  $1290 in vet bills to combat the profound negligence of people and shelters who let these dogs suffer.  Can you help? Donations of any amount would be deeply appreciated.  You can also call in donations directly to the vet office, Volunteer Vet Hospital, at 865-609-0311 and specify you are donating to ARI.  THANK YOU for being part of the solution. THANK YOU!

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